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Cuban patriots, wherever they live, know the blockade is criminal

no al bloqueo

President Miguel Díaz-Canel thanked the Cuban émigré community in the United States, who took the lead this Sunday, January 31, in a caravan to denounce the blockade imposed on our country. On his Twitter account, the President emphasized that Cuban patriots, wherever they live, understand that the hostile U.S. policy is a crime against the people of the island, writing, “Cuba thanks its emigrant sons and daughters for the Bridges of Love caravan.”

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Soft coup script is repeated and once again fails

jose marti

Another counterrevolutionary provocation took place on the morning of January 27, in front of the Ministry of Culture, when a group of persons, the majority known to be cyber-mercenaries in the pay of the U.S. government, mounted a media show with a re-edited version the script about “necessary dialogue” between institutions and artists, a dialogue that this group has sabotaged on a number of occasions and which, in fact, is of no interest to them, as has been made clear by their conduct since November of 2020.

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Cuban boxing stars fine-tune their skills

cuba boxeo

The presence in Cuba recently of the Kazakhstan national boxing team provided a great opportunity for these athletes and the Cuban pre-selection team to perfect essential aspects of their preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games. These are two of the three national teams with the most consistent results over the last ten years, along with Uzbekistan’s. The Eurasians’ visit to the island is a reflection of their respect for the technical level of the Cuban school of boxing, from which even our most seasoned adversaries know they can learn.

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Cuban President congratulates General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam

Viet Nam secret PCC

The President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, yesterday February1, tweeted congratulations to Nguyen Phu Trong, who was re-elected as General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). Phu Trong, who will assume his third consecutive term, won resounding support given to his capable management of state affairs, including the successful battle waged against the COVID-19 pandemic, according to information released by the national radio station Voice of Vietnam.

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Cuban drug Itolizumab proves effective in critically ill patients

Cuba ciencia

The Ministry of Public Health announced that the Cuban drug Itolizumab – developed by the Center for Molecular Immunology (CIM) – has shown positive results as an anti-inflammatory treatment in patients with COVID-19. According to a study published on the Infomed website, patients infected with the SARS-COV2 virus can develop a very severe case of the illness, distinguished by the appearance of what is called “cytokine storm syndrome.”

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Los Van Van and Martí: A great delight

Van Van discvo

In 2014, the José Martí Cultural Society and Egrem studios released a CD/DVD that, with full intentionality and exquisite musical work, would mark a new direction in terms of the re-contextualization, today, of Martí’s thought. With the ideas, coordination and musical concept of Israel Rojas, the new project’s premise was to provide an approach to Martí, not only through musicalization per se, but based on a thematic thread

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PCC salutes XIII Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam

cartel Viet Nam

On the occasion of the XIII Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (PCV), January 25 through February 2, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba sent the Central Committee of the PCV a message congratulating its members and wishing them success in the gathering’s efforts. The missive expresses the conviction that the Congress’s .

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Workers at the Ministry of Culture confront media provocation

reportero-adn contrarrevolucion

This past December, the Ministry of Culture issued a statement entitled “Those who asked for dialogue disrupt the dialogue.” The document was drafted after Fernando Rojas, Deputy Minister of Culture, received via e-mail an “unacceptable” message from several of the persons with whom he had met on November 27, when, on a very meaningful date for Cubans, a group of artists gathered in front of the Ministry’s headquarters to demand a dialogue. Some of the individuals present came in response to a call posted on social networks by persons who had no interest whatsoever in discussing cultural issues.

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Martí among us


We have reached this January 28, 2021, having traveled a hard road, full of obstacles and traps, with the blockade tightened beyond all imaginable limits and a pandemic taking a lethal toll of more two million deaths on the planet. Cuba’s dignified resistance defeated the 240 measures imposed by Trump, intended to asphyxiate our economy and undermine the people’s support for the Revolution. As President Díaz-Canel said, “They threw us to our death, and we are alive.”

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Investments to expand production of bioproducts in Cuba

Inversiones biootecnologia

Rooted in Fidel’s wisdom, like almost everything good between heaven and earth in Cuba, the use of bioproducts in agriculture dates back to the 1990s, when four production plants, located in the municipalities of Güira de Melena, Güines, Matanzas and Sancti Spíritus, saw the light of day under the guidance of our Comandante en jefe. Engineer Teobaldo Cruz Méndez, lead investment specialist at the Labiofam State Enterprise Management Group (OSDE).