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Nancy Pelosi claimed to want to “break Trump’s face” during the assault on the Capitol

nancy-pelosi-call-an-580x290“I hope he comes. I want to kick his ass for trespassing on Capitol Hill. I want to break his face, and then go to jail happy.” This was expressed by the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, on January 6, 2021, when a mob of supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol. The person Pelosi was referring to was Donald Trump.

The congresswoman launched those words when an aide informed her that the Secret Service – the police force that protects the US president – had refused to allow Trump to go to Capitol Hill to support his supporters, who were in full coup attempt.

Pelosi’s sentence was recorded on video by her daughter, Alexandra, who is a documentary filmmaker and was recording the ratification of the election result that Joe Biden won that day.

The video was broadcast Thursday at the session of the House Committee investigating the assault on Capitol Hill by Trump supporters.

The footage was overshadowed in the media by the vote to call the former president to testify before the Committee.

Today, Friday, Trump has tried to respond to the summons to testify with a 14-page letter in which he does not say whether he will go or not, although he insists again on his theory -never proven- that in 2020 there was fraud electoral.

But the video reveals how Pelosi and then-Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tried to prevent the assault on Congress.

Likewise, it shows Pelosi, once she had already been evacuated from the building, trying to mobilize the National Guard to come to the Capitol to restore order.

The images and sound reveal that, contrary to what Trump and several of his supporters in Congress have stated, Pelosi tried to restore order so that the election ratification process could continue.

(Taken from The World)

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