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Unprecedented inauguration in Washington

capitolio usaThe inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States is taking place today amidst an unprecedented deployment of security forces. More than 25,000 troops are present to guarantee the public safety and order, in the wake of the assault on Congress incited by the incendiary rhetoric of Donald Trump.

The exiting President is not attending the ceremony, something that has not occurred since 1869, and the number of participating guests has been significantly reduced due to the pandemic and threats of violence encouraged by Trump. Of the 200,000 persons customarily invited, only about 1,000 Congress members, former Presidents, and dignitaries are on hand.

Trump lost not only in the November elections but also in the country’s courts which have rejected all his legal challenges and allegations of fraud.

His credibility within the government and the Republican Party has also been eroded, along with any moral authority he may have had, given the devastating consequences of his dismissal of the COVID-19 epidemic, with infections reaching 24 million and close to 400,000 deaths.

He leaves the country more isolated than ever, discredited internationally by his arbitrary decisions and withdrawal from international agreements on climate change and arms control, and especially the World Health Organization, in the very midst of the pandemic.

In addition to a long list of poor decisions, he leaves a legacy of opposition to multiculturalism, the criminalization of immigrants, the promotion of fake news and media manipulation, silence in the face of neofascism, the resurrection of the Monroe Doctrine, and a foreign policy based on economic and cultural attacks on any country considered an “enemy.”

In the case of Cuba, as Foreign Minister and Party Political Bureau member Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla has stated, the Trump administration brutally attacked our people and launched a ferocious defamation campaign in an attempt to justify its actions. Nonetheless, “The 240 hostile measures adopted have failed to achieve their goal of forcing Cubans to surrender,” he said.

As a new administration takes office in the country that has done everything it could to destroy the Revolution, Cuba, harboring no naïve expectations and maintaining the firm defense of our unnegotiable principles, continues to believe in the possibility of a constructive bilateral relationship in which our differences are respected.

(Taken from Granma)

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