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Latin America: Imperialist subversion forges full speed ahead

cartel doctrina monroeThe United States is losing ground. Its projected dream of an American century, in the 21st, is fading away, and the Yankee battleship sinking. For its experts, it is no secret that the People’s Republic of China, with its booming economy, is on its way to becoming the world’s number one power by 2030, and Russia is not far behind. The confluence of the international interests of these two powerful nations, and their allies, make them an influential counterweight to U.S. power.

In these circumstances, the United States believes it more necessary than ever to control its “backyard”, to completely subjugate the restless nations of the continent. Even its closest satellites cannot do without trade and business with China and Russia. On the other hand, the integrationist seed revived by Fidel, Chavez, Kirchner, Evo, and Correa, no matter their efforts to destroy it, sends up new sprouts again and again.

The rescue plan – carefully elaborated in the 1980s, after the bloody military dictatorships began to show signs of exhaustion, and the rebirth of dangerous, radical revolutionary processes that could end the power of the servile oligarchy, despite the systematic elimination of left-wing leaders – also failing miserably, along with “democratic transition” projects, or what was the same, maintaining dictatorships with a democratic mantle, without the expected results.

The continent south of the Rio Bravo began progressive processes, some authentic revolutions, as in Venezuela, and the peoples began to construct the integration that had historically frightened the empire: Latin America and the Caribbean united in a Bolivarian project. Bolívar’s guards were once again appearing on the horizon.

The U.S. trembled; its servants and lackeys trembled. The task of the imperial special services, and in particular of their praetorian guard, their think tanks and “Straussian knights,” was thus to stop, and destroy, the integrationist revolutionary movements that were taking shape. Overthrowing inconvenient governments was the task of the company, an organization with great experience in this field. The diabolic machinery that was oiled in the struggle against Eastern European socialism, especially the USSR, was set in motion.

The right-wing offensive was not long in coming in Latin America; one after another governments of the “progressive decade” began to fall, product of a multifactorial strategy, well thought out, unscrupulous, supplied with all logistic and financial resources. The few resources and little importance afforded by progressive governments to the political preparation of the masses, among other factors, influenced the initial success of these plans to restore neoliberalism.

All the variants of unconventional warfare, created in U.S. laboratories, some of them tested with variable success in the Middle East and Europe, have been applied on the continent: soft coups, judicial coups, parliamentary coups, with greater or lesser presence of the military and police forces – always faithful to neocolonial states – and sowing Trojan horses, the most infamous example being Lenín Moreno in Ecuador.

There is always a “but.” The right does not have much to offer, its plan is simple: restore neocolonial neoliberalism – the worst variant of neoliberalism – but the plan is doomed to failure. America revolts, it rises, neoliberal governments are rejected at the polls, and the threat to U.S. power becomes greater.

Now the empire is a crouching beast waving its paws right and left, its machinery of destruction and subversion is working overtime. Worse yet is that this machinery is directed by a group of troglodytes, dinosaurs anchored in the time of gunboat diplomacy, which they learned in comics and television series – not history books. These powerful cavemen are profoundly ignorant, their vision of the world has been built in the closed environment of fundamentalist opinion; they don’t even know their own country.

Anything can be expected of them, the lesser evil challenges this group, not because of deep disagreement with their basic objectives, but because they consider them a real danger to U.S. interests, to the future of the empire.

Gathered in a coalition that has not achieved the necessary unity, they are trying to take out the Trump clique, betting on impeachment of the magnate President as a way to save themselves. It is a desperate measure, because they know that the country has deep internal problems, in the economy and in its structure as a nation, and a crisis could lead to disaster.

They are like the classic caricature of a boat full of leaks. As soon as one hole is plugged, another appears. They cover a hole with lies, with slander, with blood, and a new one opens up.

They are facing the people’s vindication, the history they have tried to erase with money and weapons. Returning are the immortal spirits of our liberating soldiers, the warriors of our original peoples, the “Indians” of the highlands, Sandino’s troops, Che’s men, who sit in their saddles and grease their rifles. They are Bolívar’s guards that are ready to weather the storm and triumph. Yes, now.



In 40 days of protest

– 24 dead

– 720 injuries involving firearms

– 230+ eye injuries from rubber bullets

– 2670 complaints of human rights violations

– 7259 arrests


In six days of protest:

– 4 dead

– 120+ injuries

– 170+ arrests


In 20 days of protest:

– 30+ dead

– 700+ injuries

– 600+ arrests


During the first seven weeks of protests:

– 42 dead

– 19 of these shot by police or the armed forces

– 86 injuries


During protests October 3-13:

– 7 dead

– 1 injury

– 152 arrests

(Sources: Prensa Latina, Russia Today, teleSUR)

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