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An event of this magnitude can only be confronted with unity

recupera huracan IrmaThe people must have confidence that we will find a way to overcome adversity and move forward in the difficult situation caused by Hurricane Irma, knowing that the Revolution abandons no one, said Esteban Lazo Hernández, Party Political Bureau member and President of the National Assembly of People’s Power, who toured areas around the municipalities of Caibarién and Sagua la Grande, hit hard by the storm.

Speaking with residents of Villa Blanca and Isabela de Sagua, he encouraged the group, emphasizing that, this time, many areas throughout the country were impacted, making it difficult to provide immediate solutions to basic problems everywhere, including those regarding housing, water, and electricity, tasks which are being afforded maximum priority.

In a conversation with Caibarién native Mirtha Suárez, Lazo said that the country has the organizational capability and the basic resources to successfully address the challenge, which requires the participation of all Cubans, with discipline, organization, and hard work.

Later, in an exchange with María Caridad Monteagudo and Juan Carlos Huet, residents of Isabela, Lazo insisted on the importance of learning from the tragedy, to use the experience gained in other situations because climate change is real, although no weather event is exactly like another. He emphasized the need to analyze how we construct, how we fasten roofing, what crops we plant, when we prune trees to protect utility lines, and many other issues that played a role in the magnitude of damages.

Several neighbors in the coastal community thanked the government for the prompt, well-organized way they were evacuated, preventing any loss of life, as well as the support provided this town devastated by Irma.

In Sancti Spíritus, Lazo also called for work to be done with discipline and organization, to avoid wasting resources on non-priority tasks.

A event of this magnitude can only be confronted with the unity of all, he said during a meeting with authorities in the municipality of Yaguajay, where he called for redoubling efforts during the recovery phase, and not renouncing plans on any front.

“I congratulate the people of Yaguajay and of Sancti Spíritus in general, because we can see that you prepared, in accordance with plans made for every phase, and today are maintaining a good pace in the recovery period,” Lazo said, while calling for an increase in local production of construction materials, needed to repair the damage caused by the hurricane in this part of the country, to homes in particular.

Accompanied by Ana María Mari Machado, vice president of the National Assembly, Lazo toured several neighborhoods in the city of Yaguajay and surrounding areas, where he asked about electrical and communications services, as well as the state of healthcare and educational facilities, the focus of recovery efforts.

In both provinces, the President of Cuba’s Parliament was accompanied by leaders of local defense councils.


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