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Cuban electoral process debated in Havana

cuba PPResidents of the Ampliación del Sevillano neighborhood in the Havana municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, described Cuba’s political system as genuinely democratic, during a community debate organized by the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR).
“The broad participation of citizens makes Cuba an inclusive society in the real exercise of rights,” stated Eduardo López de la Nuez during the discussion.
Cast members of the period television series La otra Guerra (The Other War), participated in the encounter. One of the show’s actors, Luis Carrere, explained that “young people need to know the history that accompanied the formative years of the Revolution. We can’t turn back. We must always continue to move forward.
“La otra Guerra has allowed all those at home to learn more about those days which won’t come again. We are happy that a second season has been approved,” stated the actor.
“Nothing and no one will prevent us from defending the Revolution that Fidel has left us, and which we will continue, following his example,” stated Vladimir Sauri Bermúdez, a member of the CDR National Secretariat and the organization’s provincial coordinator.
Also participating in the neighborhood debate were Carlos Rafael Miranda Martínez, a Council of State member and National CDR coordinator; Niurka Guarnaluces Herrera, first secretary of the Party in Arroyo Naranjo; as well as other leaders of the Party, government, Revolutionary Armed Forces and Ministry of the Interior.


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