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The same old accusations

Guantánamo Derechos humanosOnce again, the U.S. State Department has included Cuba, together with North Korea and Iran, on its list of countries where human rights are being “disregarded” (previously they were “violated”).

The same old accusations, offering nothing original in a world where the same country that wants to be judge and jury is the very one that should appear before a court of the peoples. This is how U.S. governments – whether Democrat or Republican – have repeatedly acted, and on this occasion the current administration has stated its growing concern regarding human rights, claiming that the situation could trigger conflict in these countries.

I can imagine just how many times the word RESISTANCE, in block capitals, has robbed these inquisitors of their sleep, in a world adrift, precisely due to their actions.

That same day, the State Department itself was supporting the violent groups killing civilians and causing real economic chaos in Venezuela.

According to the “logic” of U.S. administrations, Cuba violates human rights because it has resisted more than 55 years of a cruel blockade, imposed precisely by Washington with the aim of starving the Cuban people.

That is why Cuba is included on whatever lists they can come up with, while they resort to the “democratic act” of hearing out some local mercenary or other, who, in order to receive a few dollars and a ticket to travel the world, is capable of demanding that the blockade continue or that this powerful neighbor militarily occupy the island.

What can a country whose various administrations have invaded, bombed and occupied nations using lies as pretexts over the last two decades possibly have to say about human rights?

Who other than the U.S. governments, that through their wars have caused the death of millions of people, the injury and mutilation of thousands more, and the destruction of world heritage cities, should be permanently sitting in the dock?

On this most recent occasion, the “concerned” hosts of the UN headquarters, used a special session of the Security Council, which they themselves promoted, to return to the issue of human rights, again focusing on three countries that are undoubtedly punished for resisting and refusing to kneel before the mighty empire.

At the meeting, the U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Nikki Haley, stressed the need for the Security Council to pay more attention to monitoring human rights in these countries, noting “We are much better off acting on the front end, standing for human rights before the absence of human rights forces us to react.”

The U.S. diplomat demonstrated such a degree of impertinence as to offer the example of Syria to argue that many of today’s worst wars began with repression by the authorities.

That is, the United States has now “discovered” and informed the world that it is not the terrorist groups, armed and financed by Washington, like Al Nusra and the so-called Islamic State, that have massacred the population of this Arab nation.

Not a single word regarding this hypocrisy in the hegemonic press. No condemnation in the UN forum. Nothing for those who through these diatribes against other states, attempt to obscure the wide ranging human rights violations committed by the governments that invaded and occupied countries; violated the intimate rights of prisoners subjected to the most barbaric torture in prisons such as Abu Ghraib in Iraq and that of the illegal naval base in Guantánamo; and launched bombs using banned substances and depleted uranium against the Yugoslav and Iraqi civilian population, killing thousands of people and leaving families mutilated for years, whose children are born with terrible deformations or lack of organs.

I fail to remember any occasion on which the UN has condemned these U.S. administrations, guilty of the largest genocides of recent times.

I don’t believe I have heard or read any direct accusation from this organization that was created to fight for peace, which has been ignored when launching wars or bombing countries such as Syria and Afghanistan, or the repeated acts against former Yugoslavia, Iraq or Libya.

It is shameful that the Security Council itself, the voice of the UN, coincides with that of the United States representative in arguing that supposed human rights violations are an early sign of crises in these countries. Yet another “discovery” that forms part of a kind of visual and historical alienation, in which the aim is not to punish the true violators of human rights, but those who oppose and resist this imperialist policy.

But for those who show signs of “involuntary” forgetfulness, or are obsessed with imposing on others accusations which in reality correspond to themselves, the real motive for including these countries on such lists is that they have resisted threats or defeated those who have declared war, as happened in Cuba with the invasion of Playa Girón.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has also remained firm and never bowed to the threats of Washington.

The same applies to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which the U.S. has sought to bring to its knees and weaken its military power, which acts as a deterrent to any possible aggression.

Meanwhile, U.S. administrations will continue to roll out the same old list of accusations regarding situations which bear no relation to reality.

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