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Maisí coffee harvest on the road to recovery

Coffe MaisiA total of 3,328 of the 4,940 hectares of coffee affected by Hurricane Matthew, have been recovered in the municipality; the province’s largest coffee producer.

The figure represents 67% of the areas affected by the hurricane, and 93% of the 3,564 hectares set to be recuperated in the first stage of recovery efforts, which have been focused on the most productive plantations and those suffering the least damage.

Efforts include removing fallen trees and debris, planting new, fast growing varieties, alongside other crops such as banana and yams, acting as a temporary protective barrier.

Brigades from various provinces in the country, equipped with chainsaws and other tools, have been helping with recovery efforts since last December, alongside producers and their families in six teams from the municipality,
Coffee producers were also able to recover the 45 nurseries affected by the hurricane, a task which included clearing and replanting areas, among other activities.

Such timely action means that planting and re-planting plans are on target to be met, according to Isaac San Juan Ulloa, technical-productive director of the Agroforestal Entity in Maisí.

Hurricane Matthew caused damage to 570 hectares of cacao, mainly grown in the La Tinta and Los Gallegos communities. Thus far, 440 of the 471 hecatares scheduled to be recovered in the first stage, have been salvaged.
In addition to the recovery of the these two crops, positive results have also been seen in the planting of hundreds of hectares of varied produce, above all corn, beans, banana, and taro.


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