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Putin Congratulates Trump on Winning U.S. Presidential Elections

V-PutinRussian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Donald Trump on his victory in U.S. presidential elections, and expressed his country”s willingness to rebuild bilateral relations.

Speaking at a ceremony of presentation of credentials of ambassadors from more than a dozen countries, Putin congratulated the American people for the end of elections.

‘We have followed closely the whole American election campaign and the statements made by Trump, and although we know it will not be an easy road, we expect a reestablishment of normal relations with (the United States),’ Putin said.

‘The deterioration of ties was not our fault, but we are willing and wish to develop normal ties with the United States and, we repeat, we know it will not be an easy road, but we are willing to contribute on our part,’ he said.

‘We will do everything within our reach for a stable development of relations between Russia and the United States,’ said Putin.

‘That will be beneficial for Russia and the United States,’ he said.

‘But it will also help create a relaxed atmosphere in the international arena, taking into account the responsibility of both nations in their mission to ensure stability and security in the world,’ he said.

(Prensa Latina)

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