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Raúl congratulates Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo for victory in Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega y Rosario MurilloCuban President Raúl Castro Ruz congratulated Daniel Ortega and his running mate Rosario Murillo, for their presidential election victory in Nicaragua, this past Sunday November 6.

“Dear Daniel and Rosario, I congratulate you for this great electoral victory. Our America can continue counting on you to advance efforts to obtain justice and prosperity for our peoples, and the so-necessary integration of Latin America and the Caribbean” Raúl wrote in a message shared by Cuba’s ambassador in Nicaragua, Eduardo Martínez.

Likewise, Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry released a statement in which President Nicolas Maduro congratulated Daniel and Rosario for a “perfect victory for the FSLN.”

The Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry issued a communiqué, as well, stating, “The government of Ecuador expresses its satisfaction with the excellent condition of bilateral relations between the two countries, and its intention to continue working with the sister Republic of Nicaragua within a framework of cooperation and mutual trust.”

Nicaraguan analyst Cairo Amador commented in a Telesur interview that the election shows that the Sandinista Front continues to enjoy broad popular support, the result of a policy of broad alliances with productive sectors and trade unions which have a vision of development and growth, while noting that Ortega has responded to the needs and expectations of the population.

The country’s Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) confirmed President Daniel Ortega’s victory in the general elections held November 6, after counting the votes cast in 99.8% of the country’s polling stations. According to the CSE report, presented to the press by Roberto Rivas, the leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) daniel Ortega and his running mate Rosario Murillo garnered 72.5% of the almost 2.5 million valid votes cast, according to Prensa Latina.

Rivas reported that the Conservative Party received 2.3% of the vote; the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance, 4.3 %; the Alliance for the Republic Party, 1.4%;

and the Independent Liberal Party, 4.5%; adding that 68.2% of potential voters participated, and only 3.5% of the ballots were ruled invalid.

The CSE official reiterated his thanks to the people who exercised their rights and expressed their opinion at the polls.

“With 98.8% of the results at this time, I think we won’t make another public appearance; the results are here and this is going to be maintained when 100% are in,” he explained.

Thus Daniel Ortega has won his fourth term in office, the third consecutive representing the FSLN.


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