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Indigenous and campesino protesters march against corruption

Codeca GuatemalaRepresentatives from both sectors explained that protests come in response to the national government’s failure to resolve important social issues. Hundreds of indigenous and campesino protesters will march through the main streets of the Guatemalan capital denouncing government corruption and the criminalization of social movements.

Representatives from the Campesino Development Committee (Codeca), organizing the protest, noted that the march comes in response to the national government’s failure to resolve important issues, presented by the bloc to President Jimmy Morales during two similar protests held February 10 and May 11, 2016.

According to PL, the group’s demands include an end to corruption, the criminalization of social movements, and corruption in Congress, as well as investigations into dubious companies, and corrupt judges.
Protesters are also calling for the Investment and Employment Law and decrees 19-2016 and 29-89 to be revoked, as they only benefit corrupt entities.

Activists are also demanding the nationalization of the Quetzal Container Terminal, which operates out of the country’s main trade port and is owned by Dutch firm APM Terminals, a subsidiary of the world’s largest container and shipping company, Maersk Group. Meanwhile, the group is also demanding a Popular and Pluri-national National Constituent Assembly be held.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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