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Kcho exhibits in Paris

KCHOThe exhibition Todos los caminos (All roads), by Cuban visual artist Alexis Leyva (Kcho), has been open to the public since May 20, in the French capital’s Louis Carré Gallery.

I talk about the work, passion, responsibility, art as responsibility. You can’t create without a sense of responsibility, even more so today when everything is becoming nothing more than a commodity, pale and void of a genuine message, the artist told Prensa Latina.

According to Kcho, art is a unique vessel of energy for change. I still believe that it has a unique force unlike anything else, he stated.

What use is the responsibility of creation, without a responsibility toward life, and people? he stressed.

There is no darkness that can obscure the light that art represents. Hence the title, Todos los caminos, because the ideal is that all roads lead to passion, responsibility, dreams, he noted.

Mónica González, art historian affiliated with the Kcho project, stated that the exhibition comes off the back of the state visit made by Cuban President, Raúl Castro, to France in February 2016, and the meeting he held with the country’s President François Hollande.
The exhibition is part of the initiative proposed during the encounter between Raúl and Hollande, to organize a series of cultural events between the two countries, she noted.

González explained that Kcho’s work repeatedly explores the issue of migration, of boats. It’s also strongly linked to the issue of people who leave and don’t return, the desire and that sense of longing for one’s homeland.

He makes strong reference to these elements because every part of Cuba’s history has arisen from the arrival of a boat: from the arrival of Christopher Columbus, the composition of the island, the arrival of Our Lady of Charity, the Granma yacht landing, she stated.
The exhibition, which the public will be able to enjoy through July 2, includes sculptures, installations and drawings.


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