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Aid Promised by Obama to Colombia Described as Poor

obamaThe Colombian Communist Party (PCC) described today as poor the aid U.S. President, Barack Obama, promised to support the post-conflict in the Andean country, while questioned the motivations of that offer.

The announcement made by the president (Obama): $450 million USD a year for peace, contrast with more than $10 billion USD for the war, when according to many experts, the former is more expensive than the latter; it is a mockery that mass media massage turning the event in something historic and unique, the PCC said.

In view of that political group, Washington reaffirmed yesterday its imperial dominion over Colombia.

During a ceremony held at the White House along with his peer, Juan Manuel Santos, Obama announced his decision to allocate such amount to support the coming post-war stage in the South American nation, an aid plan he called Peace Colombia and which should be included in the 2017 budget.

The monetary commitment should be at long term, but its continuation will depend on the coming president of the White House.

Another infamy and clear expression of the imperialist domination is the celebration of 15 years of Colombia Plan (…) conceived and written in English, a counterinsurgent plan, far from the alleged ploy to fight drug trafficking, the Communist Party posted in its website.

Such agreement, signed by Bogota and Washington, dates from 1999, at a time when Andres Pastrana was the President of the Republic.

Santos and Pastrana were submissive and obedient to the call ordered by the president of the United States (to attend the event), that movement insisted.

The PCC called the Colombians to condemn the mentioned plan and its variants, to demand national sovereignty, dignity, and patriotism, inspired in the precepts of respect to self-determination and the Bolivarian thought.

Since 2012, the representatives of the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) are meeting in Cuba with the objective of finding a negotiated solution to the long civil war, which has killed about 300,000 people.

In correspondence with the progress to date, such talks could end in the coming months with the signing of peace.

The United States has confirmed its support to peaceful efforts, and appointed a special envoy for the talks in Havana between the government and the FARC-EP.

(Prensa Latina)

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