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A cannon salute for the Revolution and victory

cañonazo primero de eneroIn a salute to the 57th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, 21 rounds of artillery were fired from the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress in Havana, to honor the homeland’s martyrs, our courageous people and the revolutionary victory.

The firing of a battery of six 122 millimeter shells M-30, by 30 cadets from the Revolutionary Armed Forces’ General Antonio Maceo School resounded in the night air to welcome a new year of challenges.

The first squad fired 12 rounds, the second nine, and 12 young women were included among the cadets who are studying land artillery.

“Being part of this battery of salutes is a recognition for the results we have achieved in our studies and work, both for the cadets and officers who are here,” explained Captain Ariel López Miranda, head of the operation and one of five officers participating in the ceremony.

Claudia Tarancón Benítez and Yoan Cruz Páez were two of the cadets, both in the fourth year of their land artillery studies, and have participated on other occasions.

“It is a great privilege, another celebration of the triumph of the Revolution, and for me, a brilliant close to the year of my graduation,” Claudia commented.

“It is our tribute to this important moment in Cuban history, and with the firing of the cannons we salute the entire Cuban people, this new year of victories,” Yoan concluded.


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