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International Conference on Political Communication in the Digital Sphere Begins in Havana

conferencia-internacional-cuba-comunicacion-politica-minrex-The first International Conference “New Scenarios of the Political Communication in the digital sphere” was inaugurated this morning with the participation of 100 experts and delegates from more than 30 countries.

With representation from all regions of the world and summoned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this international conference aims at generating a debate on the development of the communications and information technologies and their impact on the system of international relations, as well as in the political communication in the digital sphere.

The event intends to create a scenario for the dialogue and exchange of experiences on key issues like the technological sovereignty of the nations, cybersecurity, internet governance and the political use of ICT, among others.

The International Conference foresees an official segment next Sunday, June 7, with the participation of 22 official delegations.

During the inaugural remarks, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abelardo Moreno Fernandez, expressed that “Cuba has convoked this Conference in the conviction that the principal challenges for most of the world’s population today are not exclusively related with access to technology but with assuring their very survival. The exercise of the elementary rights to health, education and life is still a mirage for millions of people in the developing countries. The overwhelming digital breach is no more than a reflection of the visible breach in economic and social development, a breach that is constantly growing”.

(Ventana Política)

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