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Salvadorian President Considers Successful Official Visit to Cuba

Salvadorian President Salvador Sanchez Ceren concluded today his official visit to Cuba, which was described as successful. Before returning to his country, the Central American statesman talked to the press at the Jose Marti International Airport of his fraternal meeting with Cuban head of State, Raul Castro, and stressed the main agreements and spheres for bilateral cooperation boosted in the context of his visit to the island.

cerenAccording to Sanchez Ceren, during the friendly meeting with Raul Castro, he emphasized on the importance of the relationship of two brother peoples as Cuba and El Salvador, and reviewed the effort carried out by both governments to strengthen ties and cooperation.

In that sense, the results for El Salvador are very significant, because it also allows us that all development and talent the Cuban Revolution has achieved, we could share it in areas of many importance for the social development, the statesman said after expressing that very important agreements were achieved.

About this issue, he stated that the main progresses and achievements in terms of cooperation were implemented in areas of education, health, environment, and also in economic relations and trade exchange.

As a result of this visit, our public health system would have access to direct purchases of Cuban medicines, and another very important agreement, in agriculture, was achieved, destined to ensure food security of the Salvadorian people, noted the visitor after stressing some of the main accords.

(Prensa Latina)

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