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First Cuban Rum Master Talks at World Congress

maestro-ron-jose-navarroJose Navarro, First Cuban Rum Master, gave a didactic lecture today at the World Rum Congress, running in Madrid this week.

The lecture entitled “Cuban Standard and rum production in Cuba” captured the interest of the participants, motivated by learning the secrets of the beverage produced in the island.

Navarro, who stated that this speech revealed many information of the details of Cuban spirits, said jokingly that all without revealing the secrets to maintain its functions.

Producing rum is not mixing alcohols, a rum master should dominate all production processes, be ready to design the productive processes, and could not be a single distiller, he said.

Navarro presented a complicated table describing the mixtures of Cuban premium and white rums, and recalled that light rum was invented in Cuba in 1862 and the tradition to produce it with the quality that distinguishes and is recognized worldwide is maintained.

(Prensa Latina)

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