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FARC-EP Urges to Avert War in Colombia

farc-ep (1)The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People”s Army guerrila (FARC-EP) urged today to avert war in Colombia and make progress in the descalation of conflict, as they decried the bombing at the guerrila on May 21.

It is urgent to comply with the mandate of the agenda for the talks for peace in Colombia regarding the solution of the issue of paramilitarism and its final dismantling.

The FARC-EP said in a communique that it is of paramount importance to restore confidence and resume the parties’ effort to concrete measures for descalating the conflict on which talks have been ongoing in Havana since November, 2012.

“We have to leave this turmoil turbulence behind to give the Colombian people a clear horizon that allows us to go smoothly through a path toward the Final Agreement,” says the communique.

The guerrilla also urged against more losses of valuable human lives or killings of members of organizations like Marcha Patriotica and the Congress of the Peoples, land claimers, human rights activists, leaders of social movements and labor unions.

Colombia needs the backing and solidarity of Latin America, of the governments and peoples around the world, to leave behind the horrific night cited by our national anthem, added the text.

The spokesman for the guerrilla, Pastor Alape, denounced that in the attack launched last week 27 guerrilla fighters were killed, mostly due to the bombs, and he demanded justice and the investigation into the incident.

Alape said that Jairo Martinez, a member of the FARC-EP delegation to the peace talks in Havana, was among the dead.

He said the issue of justice is expected to be discussed by the parties at due time, and the guerrilla won’t avoid its discussion.

“We have not come to Havana to negitiate impunities, but first an answer must be given to the minimal proposals about the victims of conflict made to the government in the talks, including those made through the years by the organizations of victims and human rights.

(Prensa Latina)

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