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Scientific Forum Dedicated to Cuban Anthropologist Fernando Ortiz

fernando_ortizTo favor the analysis of essays and projects linked to the study of Cuban roots, the Forum on Fernando Ortiz will be held from July 21 to 24, informed organizers.

The Group of Research and Development of the Culture Provincial Direction in Matanzas, summoned the tenth edition of the theoretical event named after the eminent anthropologist, lawyer, archaeologist, journalist and ethnologist.

Ortiz (1881-1969) was a scholar of the Afrocuban historic and cultural roots and is considered the third discoverer of Cuba after Cristobal Colon and Alexander Humboldt.

As is usual, the Theoretical Forum Fernando Ortiz has the objective of studying from different theme and methodological points of view, the study of Cubanness, specifically the Matanzas identity, indicated the venues organizers.

The topics in the agenda are the aboriginal presence in the 16th and 17th Centuries, Influence of the different ethnical components of national and local culture and Our cultural roots and popular and traditional culture.

The list of topics is completed by Community Work: Human Improvement Projects through Cultural Traditions.

The agenda of the forum will include an inaugural conference. The most humble also created the national by Fernando Martinez Heredia, president of the Cultural Research Institute Juan Marinello.

The Forum will be part of the 11th Fiesta of the Origins, celebration conceived to expose the variety of ethnical components, based on the Matanzas culture, as well as the influence of other nations, said the source.

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