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Over Eight Thousand 300 Killed by the Two Earthquakes in Nepal

nepal-terremoto2The death toll from Tuesday”s quake in Nepal amounted to 96 today, bringing the total of deaths by two earthquakes in less than three weeks passed eight thousand 300.

The latest report from the Ministry of Interior said that the huge tremor-the April 25 marked 7.9 degrees on the Richter scale; the day before yesterday, 7,3- caused about 19 thousand wounded and multibillion-dollar losses in buildings, roads and other infrastructure.

Rescuers from the army and police, as well as other countries, now intensify the search in the districts most affected by the jolt on Tuesday, especially in Dolakha (130 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu), where he located the epicenter and the dead are almost half of the total.

Narrated field teams to local television that the tasks of search, rescue and delivery of food, water, medicine and material assistance of various kinds is hampered by landslides that block roads and roads in a region always inaccessible by the mountain.

Despite its magnitude, the quake was listed antier by geologists as an aftershock on April 25. Clearly perceptible tremors since then pass 240, for an average of more than 13 replicas per day.

Categorizations aside, what most worries the Nepalese is that earthquakes of the past three weeks are signs of an ancient and persistent process of readjustment of the crust that can still bring new aftershocks of incalculable consequences.

(Prensa Latina)

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