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British Citizen on Trial Accused of Killing US Soldier

July 21 bomb plot trialUK justice trials today British Anis Abid Sardar, accused of assembling improvised explosive devices and planting roadside bombs in Iraq, causing the death of US soldier Randy Johnson, local media reports today.

Sardar has pleaded innocent for the charges of murder, conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause an explosion.

According the evidence presented, Sardar  fingerprints were found on bombs recovered in Iraq by US forces in 20017.

However, the fingerprints of another man – Sajjad Adnan, who allegedly worked with Sardar- were the ones found on the bomb that killed soldier Johnson.

Prosecutor Max Hill QC argued that the bomb was part of a sequence, involving bombs concealed geographically quite close together, all as part of a joint effort by the defendant Mr Sardar, together with Adnan and others.

Sardar said he was studying Arabic in Syria at relevant times. However, the prosecution argued he already spoke Arabic well, based on documents and a bomb-making manual found at his home in London.

 (Prensa Latina)

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