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UNASUR Celebrates its Eighth Anniversary


The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) begins today the celebrations to mark the eighth anniversary of this bloc, which focuses on political, social, economic and environmental integration of the region.

UNASUR said that the agenda of activities will be carried out today and tomorrow at the headquarters of the bloc, located at the Half of the World, in northern Quito.

On April 17, 2007 in Isla Margarita, South American heads of State gave the project created in Cuzco the name of UNASUR and decided to establish a Permanent Secretariat in the Half of the World, Ecuador.

The Extraordinary Meeting of UNASUR Electoral Council will be held tomorrow, chaired by temporary president Jose Arocena to review the performance of the Technical Group for Electoral Coordination.

Deputy ministers of Defense Luis Medina, from Venezuela, Jorge Menendez from Uruguay, Victor Picagua from Paraguay, Ivan Vega from Peru, Jhon Achong from Suriname and Fernando Aramayo, from Bolivia, will hold an Extraordinary Meeting of the Executive Members of the South American Council of Defense.

In the meeting the Executive Secretary of the South American School of Defense (ESUDE) will be elected to lead this educational center created after the initiative of UNASUR country members to train civilians and military on regional security.

The opening of ESUDE is set for tomorrow, while at the UNASUR Auditorium the forum “Challenges of Democracy in South America: The Role of the Electoral Council” and the launch of the book “Democracy in South American Context” will be carried out.

The library Gabriel Garcia Marquez, with some 1,700 books on South American history and stories for children, is also scheduled for tomorrow, seeking to become a reference center for the community.

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