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Brazil Waits for Washington’s Reasonable Response on Espionage

Brasilia, Sep 4 (Prensa Latina) Brazil is waiting for a reasonable response from the United States on the espionage carried out by U.S. intelligence agencies on government advisors and President Dilma Rousseff, an official source said on Wednesday.

Brazilian Minister of Communications Paulo Bernardo noted that so far, all justifications on this regrettable episode presented by the United States “turned out to be false”.

He pointed out that this espionage has created an embarrassing situation, not only for Brazil, but also for other countries such as Mexico, Germany and France, which were also victims of that practice.

According to Bernardo, the work of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) was targeted at Brazil’s commercial and industrial sectors.

There is interest in learning about oil reserves and other serious matters, said the minister, adding that the situation “is not reasonable” and Brazil is still waiting for clear and precise explanations from Washington.

It is U.S. espionage, something very serious, which violates the individual rights of people, Bernardo stressed. He added that the Government is willing to cooperate with the investigation on the case that will carry out a special committee of the Senate.

Bernardo’s statements came after the Brazilian Foreign Ministry on Monday demanded a response in writing from the United States on denunciations of espionage by U.S. intelligence agencies on the head of State and her advisors.

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