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USA: Manning’s Defense Underlines Irregularities of Trial

Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning

Washington, Aug 6 (Prensa Latina) The defense of Bradley Manning noted today the sentence of the U.S. soldier must be reduced since he was accused of many crimes for only committing one action that violated federal laws.

Today continued the military hearings, prior to the sentence, in Fort Meade of the former analyst that could face 136 years of imprisonment for his alleged collaboration with WikiLeaks.

Manning was declared guilty of 20 charges, most of them related to espionage and theft of classified governmental materiel.

If the statements issued by the defense are taken into account, the military jury could reduce the sentence to 80 years of imprisonment.

The former analyst, 26, was accused for making public cables and federal reports detailing actions carried out by the Department of State and Defense in many foreign territories.

Manning began being chased by the Pentagon, mainly, for revealing a footage showing choppers clashing with a group of Iraqi people, allegedly rebels, and decide to open fire at a crowd.

This footage was recorded in Baghdad on July 12, 2007, and it displays how two U.S. airplanes shoot at children, women and unarmed men, including two Reuters journalists.

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