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Pope Francis Creates Commission to Restructure Vatican’s Economy

Rome, Jul 19 (Prensa Latina) The Vatican announced today the creation of a papal commission that will be in charge of restructuring the economy and the administration of the Vatican, by order of Pope Francis.

The commission aims at “simplifying and rationalizing current structures and achieve a more thorough planning of the economic activities of all of the Vatican’s administrations”, noted a communiqué issued by the press office.

The commission will conduct the corresponding investigations, will provide reports periodically to the Pope and will cooperate with the Council of Cardinals in studying the economic and organizational problems of the Vatican, stated the communiqué.

The commission is comprised of experts on legal, economic, financial and organizational issues that come from countries such as France, Germany, Singapore and Malta, underlined the communiqué.

This is the second commission of this type created by Pope Francis, who recently created a similar one to make improvements in the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) or Vatican Bank, an entity that has been involved in judicial processes for irregularities such as suspicious transfers.


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