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Ecuadorian Gov’t Rules out to Study Snowden’s Asylum Request

London, Jul 2 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has ruled out that his government studies the asylum request made by former US intelligence agent Edward Snowden, in an interview with the British The Guardian daily released today.

The Ecuadorian president made clear that Quito respects the right to asylum and appreciates Snowden’s recent disclosures about the US program to spy millions of people through Internet and phone conversations, but it cannot analyze his asylum request because it was not made in the Ecuadorian country.

Snowden must make the request in the Ecuadorian territory or in any Ecuadorian embassy in the world, said Correa.

The Ecuadorian president also said that his country did intentionally help the former US National Security Agency contractor to travel from Hong Kong to Moscow.

In that sense, Correa said that his Government neither authorized nor even knew about the safe-conduct urgently granted by the Ecuadorian consul in the United Kingdom, Fidel Narvaez.

Regarding Snowden’s current situation, who is currently in an airport in Moscow, Correa said that it is a complicated situation, but he is in the Russian territory now and it is a Russian authorities’ decision.

Early June, the former US intelligence agent revealed information about a Washington’s program to spy millions of people through phone and Internet communication, and due to that the U.S. Government accuses him of spying and request his extradition.

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