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Rousseff Prioritizes Educational Support for Brazilian Children

Brasilia, Apr 1 (Prensa Latina) Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, today assured support for children from low-income families through the construction of thousands of day care centers.

In her Monday radio program, “Coffee with the President,” Rousseff affirmed that the federal executive has already completed 3,180 day care centers and has signed contracts to build another 2,217.

We intend to increase kindergartens and will back Brazilian municipalities and fund the construction of another 3,288 through 2014, she emphasized.

The president noted that the Prefectures have until May 31 to join the project, which will allow them to choose a day care center model that will ensure the quality and dynamic nature of the work.

She noted that the commitment was to build 6,000 childhood centers, with resources from the Treasury, but with the projects in force the number of these facilities will exceed 8,000 by next year.

Rousseff announced that the government will pay the tuition fee and maintenance tuition for poor families children as it seeks to achieve quality education for Brazilian children starting in childhood, in order to move towards the construction of a more just and developed country.

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