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Electoral Campaigns in Ecuador Close with Multiple Celebrations

Quito, Feb 14 (Prensa Latina) Public events, music concerts, caravans, and other activities are planned today to close the election campaigns of candidates from eight political organizations competing for the presidency of Ecuador and the National Assembly.

The electoral silence will start from today to February 17, the election day, in which the Ecuadorians should elect the president and vice president, 137 legislators in the National Assembly, and five members of the Andean Parliament.

Each presidential binomial organized several ctivities for the closure of the campaign.

President and candidate for the Alianza PAIS movement, Rafael Correa, who leads according to polls vote intention with more than 45 percent, will tour the city of Cuenca, Azuay province, along with his nomination colleague Jorge Glass, and his aspirants to parliamentarians. Back, PAIS convened a rally in southern Quito, to combine music, songs, and the call to vote for the list 35, in search of the necessary parliamentary majority.

Correa is followed by former banker Guillermo Lasso, of Creating Opportunities party, with a 15-20 percent approval, closed his campaign and spent the day before giving interviews to different television and radio stations.

Former President Lucio Gutierrez, of the Patriotic Society Party, with only eight percent as maximum, opted to continue tours and caravan through Guayaquil, one of the most populated cities in Ecuador, seeking to convince undecided voters.

Nelson Zavala, of the Ecuadorian Roldosista Party, is also in that city. He enters the electoral break with a charge of homophobic phrases uttered during the campaign.

Alberto Acosta, of the Plurinational Unity of the Left, went to Guayaquil to try to convince sectors that have not yet decided for whom to vote.

The representative of the Institutional Renewal Party of National Action and for the third time candidate to the Ecuadorian presidency, Alvaro Noboa, began the end of his campaign in the province of Imbabura, passing through Quito, and to culminate in Guayaquil.

Mauricio Rodas, candidate for the United Society More Action Movement, passed through the provinces of Tungurahua and Pichincha, where he presented his 23 political compromises with the Ecuadorians in door to door visits. He concluded his rallies with a concert at La Carolina park in Quito.

Norman Wray, of the Rupture party, offered this time another concert at the capital’s La Vicentina park, which was widely disseminated through social networks.

The observers’ mission already complied with its preliminary agenda and it is expected that about 380 participate in the Sunday’s elections throughout the country and abroad.

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