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Cuba Ready to Implement New Migratory Reform

Havana, Jan 7 (Prensa Latina) Cuba”s Immigration Agency (DIE) reported today that it is ready to implement the legal regulations planned to come into force on January 14 as part of the updating of the country”s migratory policy.

The DIE stressed that the preparation it has undertaken guarantees the the implementation of the measures will meet with success. The changes are welcomed by Cubans since they speed up migratory procedures and make them more flexible.

According to the new regulations, passport requests can be made at the current Identity Card and Population Registry offices, as well as immigration offices throughout the country.

According to the national media, there are 195 offices prepared to process these applications, throught the entire country.

Likewise, the media said those services have developed normally despite an increase in passport requests.

The new regulation, announced on October 16, includes elimination of a procedure that entailed the solicitation of an exit permit to travel abroad and also elimination of the requirement of a letter of invitation.

The law extends the time citizens may be out of the country without losing their status as resident citizens, from 11 to 24 months and makes it possible for those under 18 years of age to leave the country, as long as they have prior authorization from their parents or legal representatives. In the case of the émigrés, they will be able to visit the island for up to 90 days, 60 more than previously established.

Likewise, the causes for repatriation were also extended, as in the case of those who left Cuba before being 16 years old, as well as for humanitarian reasons.