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Venezuelans Support President Chavez

Caracas, Dec 9 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan people expressed support to President Hugo Chavez on Sunday through messages in Twitter social network, following the announcement that he should undergo a new surgical intervention.

Through Twitter tag #PalanteComandante, Venezuelan citizens expressed their wish for a prompt recovery to the president, who announced on radio and television Saturday evening about the appearance of bad cells in the area of previous surgeries.

¿Our president, we love you and all our positive energy is with you,¿ wrote Twitter user Sandra Fernandez; while Douglas Machado expressed that the Venezuelan people are with Chavez now than ever and pray for h

is prompt recovery.

¿We are with you, God Blesses you forever. Thanks for your example. You are a burning flame that nobody could put out,¿ said for his part Twitter user Francisco Capdevielle.

Simon Daoud, another of the thousands of users who expressed support to the Head of State, wrote that Venezuelan will get the victory along with Chavez ¿in this new battle.

In a speech at Miraflores Presidential Palace on Saturday, the head of State addressed the National Assembly to ask for permission to travel to Havana on Sunday to undergo a new medical treatment.

The president recalled he had a health relapse early this year which he successfully overcame.

Chavez has announced that Executive Vice President Nicolas Maduro will lead the nation during his absent.