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Cuba to Set Up Municipal Assemblies

p>Havana, Nov 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s State Council called for the initiation of the municipal assemblies of People’s Power by Sunday, November 25, in a new mandate that will run for two and a half years, national media reported today.

According to the Constitution of the Republic and the Electoral Law, the 14,537 delegates elected in the first stage of the general elections will make up 168 assemblies and take up their responsibilities.

The first round of those elections was held on October 21, with more than 8,700,000 voters participating in the polls, surpassing 94 percent of the Cuban electorate.

That day, about 13,127 delegates were elected, while in 1,410 districts, there were ties or no candidate achieved more than 50 percent of the valid votes, so a runoff was held, scheduled for the following Sunday, November 28.

However, eastern Cuba was the hardest hit early October 25 by Hurricane Sandy, which caused substantial damage, mainly in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Holguin.

Due to the situation caused by Sandy, the country decided to postpone the runoffs on the island, and gradually conducted them throughout the country when conditions allowed.

The last runoff occurred last Sunday, November 18, in the municipalities of Santiago de Cuba and Palma Soriano, the hardest hit by the storm.

It was also necessary to hold a third round in two districts of the country due to repeated ties: one in the municipality Manati, Las Tunas province, and one in the Santiago municipality of Segundo Frente.

National Electoral Commission Secretary Ruben Perez gave special recognition to the Santiago de Cuba population for their behavior, as well as electoral authorities and institutions that contributed to the completion of the elections despite the damages caused by Sandy.

Once this elections stage has been completed, the election of delegates to the provincial assemblies and members of Parliament of the nation will begin.