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Electoral Irregularities in Several US States

Washington, Nov 6 (PL) U.S. authorities supervising the presidential election today reported problems or irregularities in the voting process nationwide in various states, with more relevance in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.

Members of the Election Protection Civic Coalition reported that eight hours after the polls were opened on Tuesday, it had received 35.000 calls of complaints from citizens in all 50 states and the District of Columbia .

Most complaints referred to the long lines that delay the proceedings in the polling stations and the new controversial requirements in 19 U.S. territories, said Barbara Arnwine, the Coalition spokeswoman.

In Philadelphia, the Republican Party requested the mediation of a federal court after 75 of its inspectors were unable to access the voting sites because their formal credentials were disabled.

From Ohio, civil rights organizations protested as some software installed in the northern department allegedly could allow access to anyone to the system and manipulate the votation.

It was learned also that in Pinellas County, Florida, polling officials phoned on Monday to thousands of potential voters inviting them to the polls on Wednesday 7 in the morning.

The CNN reported that hundreds of voters had to wait from two to three hours in northern Virginia and southern Florida, due to the long queues.

More than 24 million records in the U.S. voters are incorrect, duplicated or expired, while 1.8 million registered voters are dead people, says the group inquiry Pew Center on the States.

We see a deeply flawed electoral system, no central control and too expensive, no one can guarantee that a disaster does not emerge at some point, said law professor Curtis James Jackson, of New York University.


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