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Correa to Visit US Research Centers

Quito, Oct 30 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño and a delegation of ministers will visit on Tuesday research centers in North Carolina, United States.

The universities comprising the North Carolina Research Campus focus on studying science of human health, biotechnology and the improvement of the quality of life.

The leader’s visit aims at using the research center’s experience at the Ecuadorian government project Yachay, City of Knowledge, that is being built in the northern province of Imbabura.

The U.S. research center includes eight state and private universities in North Carolina. Correa also expects to visit the Dole Nutrition Institute that operates in the Campus.

Researchers of the U.S. center have received over 30 million USD in federal subventions for research and are discovering new scientific links among nutrition, agriculture and diseases.

Ministers of Human Resource Augusto Espinoza, of Education, Gloria Vidal; of Sports, José Francisco Cevallos; and the secretary of Science

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and Technology, René Ramírez, accompany the Head of State and the foreign minister.

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