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March of the Indignants Takes Streets in Colombia

Bogota, Oct 13 (Prensa Latina) Thousands of Colombians took to the streets of the capital to close a week in which various sectors of

society claimed in favor of peace and against social inequities such as poverty, exclusion and the crisis in education and health. Convened by 116 social and popular organizations, the march on Friday covered a broad spectrum supported by peasants, indigenous pleople, students, miners, professionals and unemployed, peacefully mobilized in 25 of the 32 departments.

In Bogotá, the human tide was channeled, mid-morning, from 10 points in the city, including the National Park, to move towards greater concentration point, the Plaza Bolivar.

During the course incorporated groups of hooded, which marchers described as infiltrators, who sparked riots throwing homemade artifacts.

Riot police fired tear gas and stun bombs against protesters and, despite the express prohibition of the city mayor, Gustavo Petro, they continued to do so in the vicinity of the Plaza Bolivar.

Several protesters, who preferred to reserve their identity, assured the press that infiltrates acted with a definite intention: to undermine the peaceful nature of the march and its objectives, while government sources persisted in ensuring that the guarantees were given to the free right of expression.

The Bogota mayor ordered an investigation to determine whether there were abuses by the security forces, as reflected cameras and images broadcast live on television.


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