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Brazil Works on Increasing Access to Internet, Rousseff Says

Brasilia, Sep 10 (Prensa Latina) Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff affirmed on Monday that the government is working on increasing access to a good internet connection so the speed and stability of the fixed broadband will be measured.

The National Agency of Telecommunications (Anatel) will measure the speed and stability of connections of fixed broadband by subscribers all over the country, a decision that will fulfill a presidential decree to assess and monitor internet services provided by private companies.

The leader highlighted the importance of this service for the future of the country since it links people to the world, improves learning in students, facilitates the access to public services, helps people find jobs, news, make friends and communicate with relatives.

Rousseff disclosed that the with the National Plan of Broadband, the government plays an important role to bring families a fast internet and with accessible price, underlining that state-owned service reached six million homes in 201.

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