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World Youth Rights Defended in Cuba

Havana, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuban student organizations defended the world youth´s right to be protected and take part in government decision-making.

On occasion of World Youth Day on Aug. 12, the member of the National Committe of the Young Communist League of Cuba (UJC), Osnay Miguel Colina, said Aug. 12 will be a day of struggle against inequality, unemployment and to secure the future of new generations.

In a press conference, Colina recalled that 10 million youngsters worldwide live with AIDS, 80 million fail to get enough income to live on and 100 millions cannot go to school.

However, the Cuban youth represents 20 percent of the country´s population and is greatly involved in State decision-making, with over 50 percent of expenses allocated to free health care and education.

President of the University Student Federation, Carlos Rangel Irola, said the occasion will be taken to denounce lack of access to free, quality education in other countries worldwide.

Activities will include a panel about the situation of young people in Latin America, as well as concerts, marathons and sport and recreational fairs.

In 1999, the UN General Assembly approved the declaration of August 12 as World Youth Day under the slogan “Let´s Change Our World.”

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