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Ecuador Plans Reforms to Improve Educational Quality

Quito, Jul 20 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador”s government aspires to consolidate and reform the public education infrastructure to improve the quality of that sector, according to an announcement by President Rafael Correa.

The head of state’s statements appear today in the digital newspaper El Ciudadano, which also reports the state agreement with the nonprofit organization Educational Testing Service to assess the skills of professors who teach English in the country.

Correa explained that, according to studies by the Ministry of Education, there are too many public schools with few students and, in his opinion; an instructional unit that includes various disciplines should be not have less than one thousand students.

The President said that with about three million students in the state education system, the optimum would have three thousand schools and 16 000 as currently exist, of which not a few were built without planning or order.

“It makes no sense this dispersal of educational infrastructure that costs so much in terms of quality,” he said.

For Correa, one of the large government debts is special education, so the system must be reformed to provide that service.

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