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Lugo Denounces in Russia Paraguayan Coup

Moscow, July 12 (Prensa Latina) Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo denounced again the conduct of a parliamentary coup and the fragile democracy in his country in an interview published today by the Russian press. There was a parliamentary coup that excluded overnight an elected president by the majority of the country, Lugo denounced in an interview with Channel Russia Today (RT).

Much of the Paraguayan media says “that nothing happened here, that everything is quiet, no representation or dead, no blood,” the statesman said .

There is nothing about it because this president fairly elected and his government do not want violence, no blood, said the politician.

In no way anyone can say nothing happens, because otherwise, how come MERCOSUR or UNASUR had excluded Paraguay, or the European Union had sent a mission to the OAS?, he wondered.

The Paraguayan people will never forget the rupture on June 22, Lugo said, who referred to the ideological and political persecution in his country.

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