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OAS members to critically examine Insulza´s Report

Asuncion, Jul 11 (Prensa Latina) The report presented by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, about the situation in Paraguay passed today to a critical scrutiny by the member countries from that organization.

  • Described as biased and intentionally far from the country’s reality by some Paraguayan politicians and social organizations, the report pretends to alienate any kind of condemnation to the parliamentary coup that removed Constitutional President Fernando Lugo from office. After Insulza’s statements were analyzed by different OAS member governments, a new special regional meeting will be held, to adopt a definitive resolution about the issue.

One of the aspects so far is the rush of the current Paraguayan government to hold a new meeting to achieve a statement at least kind of action with which the democratic institutionality was interrupted.

Paraguay’s Ambassador to the OAS Hugo Saguier did not publicly hide the rush for getting on Friday the call to new deliberations to try to reach a favorable accord in that occasion.

The diplomat and his government are actually trying to give a little time to the State members to coordinate positions about Insulza’s report, from which criticisms begin to be discussed.

In short, the coming days will be the scene of the definitive reaction of the continent’s countries in this new situation for Paraguay.


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