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Vietnam: Intense Legislative Activity

Hanoi, May 31 (Prensa Latina) Vietnamese parliament declared that it is in favor of the control of advertising, among a wide range of issues of national interest, in its last week of deliberations in the current session. During a debate on the issue most of the parlamentarians agreed on granting to the Ministry of Culture a regulatory performance of that activity, to prevent frequent violations of disclosure of provocative images and aggressions to architectural ornament.

Legislators noted that with the fast development of Internet and its

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advertising use the rights and duties of citizens, advertisers and consumers should be regulated.

The National Assembly also debated a bill on objectives and structure of the education system, which sparked a number of considerations about financing, the classification of teachers and universities and especially to the socialization of education.

A point of particular controversy has been education with economic advantage, referring to private education, which in most cases is exercised at the expense of quality, as it was said.

But no other issue gained more attention than the fixing and verification of the prices of goods and services, which will require a state control and also the creation of a stabilization fund was proposed.

Legislators also discussed the draft of a document for the renewal and increase of parliamentary activities and draft laws and decrees relating to the accounts of the budget and money laundering, among other topics.

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