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British Supreme Court Approves Assanges´s Extradition

London, May 30 (Prensa Latina) British Supreme Court approved on Wednesday the extradition of the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, to Sweden, where he is accused for alleged sexual assault. Assange, of Australian origin, was not in the court room when the decision was communicated in a hearing that lasted 10 minutes.

Five of the seven judges agreed that in the case of an order of detention for the entire European Union, the signing of a prosecutor was enough.

However, the implementation of that decision remained pending for two weeks since the court gave the defense time to request a reopening of the process.

Assange, 40, became a worldwide celebrity and angered the government of Washington in 2010 when Wikileaks released secret filming and thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is detained in London since December 2010 and is opposed to his extradition to Sweden, as well as strongly defend his innocence, accused U.S. authorities of being behind the legal process.

Assange´s detention was responding to an European order issued by prosecutors in the Scandinavian nation for questioning on suspicion of four alleged offenses of sexual assault, which has not yet been formally charged.

The founder of Wikileaks appealed to the Supreme after in November 2011 the High Court approved his extradition to Sweden, confirming the decision taken in February of that same year by a lower court.


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