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Karzai Approves Third Phase Security Transition in Afghanistan

Kabul, May 14 (Prensa Latina) The Afghan President Hamid Karzai approved the plan for the third phase of security transition at the hands of the local forces.

In a statement made public this weekend, the president argued that the strong International Security Assistance will transfer full responsibility in the provincial capitals of Parwan, Kapisa and Uruzgan now in charged to protect the 75 percent of the population of the country.

The transfer began on July 2011 and the two first phases led the handing over to the Afghan forces of the 50 percent control of the Afghan population.

However, new tensions emerged with the murder of the Taliban negotiator, Arsala Rahmani, and at least two soldier from the International Force Security Assistance in an attack with explosives carried out on the east of Afghanistan, the authorities reported.

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