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A firsthand account of events unfolding in Libya

Whilst mainstream news sources portray the war in Libya as a revolution and rebel victory, journalists on the ground in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, paint a very different and bleak picture.

Dr. Franklin Lamb, an observer and writer, provides a clear and uncensored account of the war in Libya in his latest article entitled “Tripoli Port notes”.
He is currently holed up in the Corinthia hotel overlooking the Port of Tripoli with several other journalists. On August 21st he was shot by sniper fire as he was entering the hotel but luckily he survived. Lamb, in his article attests to the misinformation and propaganda emanating from both government and NATO sources.
He also describes the conditions in which modern journalists work to bring truth to world onlookers but whose efforts are inevitably scuppered by MSM media sympathetic to western government foreign policy.
What has come out of Tripoli over the past few weeks is that Gaddafi loyalists and the remaining part of the Libyan army are fighting running battles in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, in order to access Gaffi’s compound which has been bomb 144 times by NATO aerial support for the rebels.
He also describes the so-called “revolutionaries” as a bunch of opportunistic thieves, trained, funded and armed by NATO and supported by on-the-ground Western backed paramilitary and mercenary forces.Alarmingly, according to Lambs article, MSM media is fed by NATO’s propaganda office in Naples which is currently run by Israel Defence Ministry of Information psych-warfare specialists.
A defected rebel media representative interviewed by Lamb, claims that NATO has installed “hit” teams to control media which portray NATO and the rebels in a “negative light”. He also claims that fake NTC (National Transitional Council) media advisories are being used to fuel misinformation carried on the major networks like CNN, BCC and Fox.
In Lamb’s opinion and eyewitness account, the capital is in control of neither the government troops nor rebels. Instead there is a patchwork of sectors being controlled by both forces with both rebel and Libyan army convoys patrolling the streets around the port with sporadic mortar, artillery and machine gun fire.
This contradicts claims made by the White House and NATO head, Rasmussen, that the rebels controlled 80% of Tripoli.How much longer will the rebel war and NATO bombardment of Libya last is open to debate but some feel that the final assault to oust Gaddafi will not be much longer as NATO stepped up the bombing of Gaddafi’s compounds and pro-Gaddafi civilian targets.

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