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British and French Soldiers Attack Gaddafi’s Birthplace

Elite soldiers of the British and French special forces took part on Friday, together with Libyan rebels, on the assault on Sirte, the birthplace of Muammar Gaddafi, a town located 360 Kilometers east of Tripoli, The Guardian daily reports Friday.

The British and French military are playing a leadership roll not only guiding the opposing forces to Gaddafi, but also planning the offensive, adds the London-based newspaper that quoted insurgent officer Mohammed Subka.

Sirte that is still under the control of the forces loyal to Gaddafi was also the target on Friday of the British Air Force, according to the Defense Ministry of the United Kingdom, one of the initiators of the aggression against Libya last March.

Sources close to the British Defense Ministry told The Guardian that the British special forces have been in Libya for several weeks, along with units from France and from several other countries of Eastern Europe.

The source also informed that the Tornado planes left the English base of Norfolk to attack Sirte, but there was no sign that proves the presence there of the Libyan leader during the attack.

Mohammed Subka confirmed to The Guardian that the European military took part alongside the opposition forces in the assault on the western front of Misrata. The British troops were the most friendly to the rebels, said the insurgent officer.

Elite commanders of the British army and the Special Air Service (SAS) are in Libyan territory working as air controllers and aides in combat tactics, the London newspaper informs.

Rebels decided to transfer on Friday its leadership from the city of Benghazi to Tripoli to temporarily govern Libya, in moments of still bloody fighting against Gadafi’s supporters.

(By Prensa Latina)

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