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US Analysts Criticize Legitimacy of Libyan Rebels

The appearance of Seif-al-Islam, son of Muammar el Gadafi in Tripoli puts the legitimacy of rebel groups´ statements in doubt and shows that the struggle for control in Libya is not concluded, according to US analysts.

US agency Strategic Forecasting Inc. (Stratfor), based in Texas, confirmed that Seif-al-Islam Gadafi appeared early Tuesday morning in the Rixos Hotel, Tripoli, in the presence of a large group of foreign reporters.

US experts commented that Seif-al-Islam Gadafi´s presence discredits a communication made by the National Transition Council on Monday 22nd, which stated the rebels had caught Seif-al-Islam.

This announcement was confirmed by important representatives of the International Criminal Court, such as Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo and spokesman Fadi El Abdallah, who assured they were discussing the surrender of Seif-al-Islam with the NTC and the rebels.

At the press conference Tuesday morning, Seif-el-Islam said his father was safe in Tripoli and that the Libyan capital was secured by forces loyal to the Libyan government.

There is also a video tape in the Internet, in which Seif-al-Islam appears wearing a green undershirt, being received in public by a great group of followers.

US experts said his meeting with the press illustrates two key points: the rebels´ statements to induce a bigger revolt in the capital and more support by the foreign forces are highly unreliable.

Stratfor reminded the rebels had said they had arrested Mohammed Gadafi, the Libyan leader´s older son, but later they changed the story and announced Mohammed had escaped.

The rebel forces might be able to enter Tripoli easily, helped by the bombings by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization troops. However, there are no signs that forces loyal to Muammar el Gadafi will surrender, said Stratfor.

“Gadafi is still strong in the west (Zwara) and the eastern part of the Libyan capital. He is also strong in central regions of Libya, such as Sirte and Sabha,” said Stratfor.

The rebels are facing the problem that troops loyal to Gadafi might soon organize a counterattack for the control of the supply sources for Tripoli.

Stratfor is a political analysis agency based in Austin, Texas, claiming to be “a global intelligence company, independent from all the political and party trends.”

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