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Raul Castro Attends Cuban Artists and Writers Gala

Cuban President Raul Castro attended the cultural gala for the 50th anniversary of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (Uneac), held in the Garcia Lorca auditorium of Havana’s Gran Theater.

In his opening speech on Saturday, writer Miguel Barnet, who is the Uneac’s president, highlighted how this organization promotes the best of the Cuban culture and has kept faithful to the principles of the Revolution and its historical leader, Fidel Castro, who in speech to the intellectuals in 1961 encouraged them to unite.

Barnet also recalled the foundation of Uneac saying that it joined writers and artists who were sunk into oblivion and in a social state of neglect, achieving a union of the intellectuals.

The writer referred how culture is the highest expression of policy because it guarantees the full exercise of freedom and turns people into human beings, improving the quality of life and increasing social values.

The Cuban music, including the country, danzon, bolero, opera, and trova music, was present in the cultural gala for the 50th anniversary of the Uneac.

(By Prensa Latina)