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NAM Condemns Terrorism

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is preparing to condemn terrorism in any shape, according to excerpts of the project of the final declaration of its 16th Ministerial Meeting.

The text, which will be put for consideration of the foreign ministers on Wednesday, champions that quick and effective measures are taken to eliminate international terrorism.

Regarding that issue, it urges all States, in accordance with the United Nations Charter, to comply with the obligations contracted to fight terrorism and to indict or, when possible, extradite the perpetrators of terrorist actions.

The project demands those responsible for carrying out terrorist actions are forbidden to organize, incite or finance operations against other State from within or off their territories or through organizations settled within their geographic limits.

The Non-Aligned Movement, which now included Fiji and Azerbaijan, also believes that terrorism to identify with the legitimate fight of the peoples that are under a colonial or foreign domination.

NAM ministerial meeting will last until Friday in this island, which was the target of the deadliest act of terrorism in the history of Indonesia when three bombs exploded in the tourist district of Kuta.