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Testimonies from Relatives of Late Dissident Wilfredo Soto Refute Smear Campaign Against Cuba

p>By Redaction AHORA

Wilfredo Soto

The Granma newspaper discredits the latest smear campaign orchestrated against Cuba with the publication this Thursday of several testimonies from relatives, acquaintances and the medical examiner who examined Juan Wilfredo Soto’s body, the Cuban counterrevolutionary who recently passed away in the central province of Villa Clara.

Rosa Soto, sister of the deceased citizen denies the rumors about the cause of her brother’s death, which was linked to an alleged beating by law enforcement officers.

She said that her brother suffered from various diseases, and didn’t properly looked after his health, while expressing the family’s outrage over the counterrevolutionary propaganda being released on Soto’s death by dissidents and western media.

Also Madelín Soto, niece of the deceased and her husband, Yasmil Perez, affirmed that they accompanied Soto during his stay in the hospital and had no observed any trace of violence in his body.

Jorge Alvarez, who sells flowers in Santa Clara’s Vidal Park, said that the day of the alleged beating, Soto was shouting counterrevolutionary slogans there,and witnessed how police led him to a patrol without the slightest sign of struggle. He adds that he later saw him again in the park and that Soto even asked the policeman for a light. The policeman answered that he didn’t smoke.

Likewise, the forensic specialist, Ricardo Rodríguez said to Granma newspaper that Soto´s death was due to acute pancreatitis, and clarified that the autopsy showed no signs of violence.