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Zacatecas Thanks Cuba for Operation Miracle

(Published Prensa Latina)

Mission Miracle. Stock photo

The Zacatecas state legislature thanked Cuba for its contribution to the Operation Miracle program, via which 4,800 patients have received
free eyesight restoration surgery since 2007.

Lawmaker Blas Avalos presented a certificate of recognition to Cuban Consul Luis Quirantes, conferred by the State Legislature.

The Zacateca recognition goes first of all to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, Avalos stated.

During the ceremony, Avalos said that about 56,000 ophthalmological surgeries were performed at Republica de Cuba Hospital in the
neighboring city of Saltillo, state of Coahuila, since the opening of that medical center in 2007.

Nearly 2,300 patients with different eye afflictions have been assisted there this year, the legislator said.