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Survey: 75% of U.S. consumers interested in Cuba visit

p>By Doreen Hemlock

(Published SUN-SENTINEL)

In Cuba's eastern mountains, Photo by Doreen Hemlock

Would you consider a trip to Cuba if restrictions on U.S. travel to the island were lifted?

A U.S. consumer survey released Tuesday found that 75 respondents would visit or at least consider a trip to Cuba, if Americans were allowed to travel freely there.

Another 1.7 percent said they’d already traveled to Cuba, according to the survey of 953 consumers conducted  by the Travel Leaders travel agency network from March 10 to April 10 across the United States.

The survey comes as the Obama administration issues new rules that make it easier for U.S. religious groups and educational groups to travel to Cuba with U.S. government approval. Most Americans are effectively barred from travel to the island under Washington’s nearly 50-year embargo on Cuba.

“Culturally and historically, Cuba fascinates a large number of Americans.  Physically, it’s amazingly close to the Florida coast, yet so far away because of continued restrictions for most citizens,” stated Roger E. Block, president of Travel Leaders Franchise Group in a statement.

“Like the traveling public, our Travel Leaders experts would welcome the opportunity to experience the country for themselves – the food, the music, the architecture, the beaches and the people – and then assist their clients in realizing a trip of their own to this forbidden destination that has been off-limits for nearly a half century,” he said.

The study found that when asked, “If all travel restrictions are lifted, how interested would you be in traveling to Cuba?”  U.S. consumers surveyed had these responses:

I’ve already been:  1.7 percent.

I’d go immediately: 20.2 percent.

I would go as soon as I believed Cuba was ready for Americans: 21.8 percent.

I might consider going: 33 percent.

I have no interest in going: 23.2 percent.

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How interested are you in traveling to Cuba? Please let us know.


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  1. Willie Pilkington / FriendoftheCubanPeople

    Yes, given the chance to travel to Cuba, I would go. I as a 59 year old United States citizen living in Raleigh, North Carolina, do not understand the constant hatred actively shown by the government of Cuba and the government of the United States toward one another, which has done nothing but lead to our two populations being held prisoner within each respective borders and from each other. All my adult life I have witnessed the unnecessary destruction of Cuban peoples lives because of ego and a history of hate. I have also witnessed the United States government year after year actively alienate and isolate the Cuban government and it’s people from the people of the United States without any true cause other than rich people’s ego and politically charged hatred for the Cuban government. I, as a citizen, wish that what happened in Cuba before and under Batista had never taken place, but it did. I also wish that the many missteps and naive early policies of the Cuban Revolution Government which has lead to the current social, civic and economic situations surrounding and within Cuba had never taken place. I want all the Cuban people to stop hating one another no matter where in the World they currently reside. I want our United States Government to get out of the business of political sides and ego punishment and get on to the business of putting the tradgedy that started in 1959 over and within Cuba and the United States to an end.